Galleywinter Farm is 30 years old!

We are one month away from our 30 year anniversary. Would love to host a party but not sure that's doable with Covid. We'll try to get a newsletter to you by then. In it will be some ways for you to get involved in the growing Galleywinter community. Many thanks to everyone of you who has helped make this place, this land, and the work so wonderful. Namaste.

April 1, 1991 was a big day in my life.  I gave birth to my daughter Caitlin -  and acquired the raw land that was to become Galleywinter Farm. As with any farm or rural venture, it's been a lot of work! Also a labor of love and blessings.  Many have come here to our little place in the Rockfish Valley for Horsemanship and Healing, and imbued their special energies into the land and the horses who grace our lives.  I am ever humbled by their gifts of insight, wisdom and love - and grateful for their helping hands.  We are looking forward to more years of sharing the magic of a special place.

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