Partners in Health


Cynthia Allred - Zero Balancing

Hello, I’m Cynthia Allred. Zero Balancing has been my passion since 1995. Prior to becoming a certified practitioner and a faculty member of Zero Balancing I taught in both public and Waldorf schools. I focused on human growth and development in my studies. Along the way I became a licensed massage therapist.

Zero Balancing works directly with the skeletal system focusing on range of motion and alignment evaluations of key bones and joints. We have found it helps release bone held tension and organizes ligaments allowing people to connect to their source of inner vitality, enhancing healthy lifestyles by supporting the body, mind & spirit to move back to it’s natural relaxed state. 

 Zero Balancing was developed in the 1970’s by Dr. Fritz Smith as a way to bridge the best of Western & Eastern medicine, philosophy and mindfulness. It is a system of mindful, compassionate touch that continues to evolve and integrate current research.   Sessions are typically about 1 hour and performed face up, clothed on a massage table. I find the positive effects can be particularly noticeable the in context of events that give you space away from daily routines and support creativity and personal growth. I look forward to meeting you at this special retreat Gail has developed. 

Tom Ross - massage

Tom RossTom is trained in Lomi Lomi, Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Thai massage and grateful to his many teachers: from the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage, Coaching/ The Body Institute, Gil Hedley/PsychoNueroEnergetics, Pranic Healing, and others. BEMER mat, a pulse electromagnetic frequency mat (PEMF) can be included at no extra charge.

Tom is well versed in the anatomy, physiology and spirituality of the body/mind, highly integrative and responsive in his work, using a combination of the above modalities and varying pressure based on the needs of clients on a given day.  He uses various techniques to facilitate shifts within the autonomic nervous system, promoting the parasympathetic system. He incorporates organic essential oils and musical backdrop to enhance relaxation and deep healing. Tom's sessions are accessible to anyone who has a need, regardless of their current financial state. Sliding scale offered.


Jordan Winn - yoga, massage & REIKI

Jordan WinnJordan is a Yoga Teacher (2017), Massage Therapist (2020), and Reiki Il Usui Holy Fire Practitioner (2022). She is 27 and native to the Chesterfield/ Midlothian area. She opened her own practice The Space in January of 2023.  Learn more about Jordan at or @jyogi_

With a wild respect for musculoskeletal pathology and being a practicing Yogi and healer, Jordan combines anatomical and spiritual knowledge, bringing a deeper understanding to the physical and subtle energetic bodies.  Her mission is to hold a safe and nonjudgmental s p a c e for the personal experience of being embodied, and for healing.

LINDSAY HOPKINS - guest practitioner

Lindsay HopkinsLindsay is a teaching artist, workshop facilitator and healing practitioner. She is trained in energy healing, breathwork, Thai bodywork and Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy.  She works with individuals and groups to come home to their body and activate creative capacity. She focuses on somatic awareness, creativity and intuition, and works as a facilitator with a variety of non-profit institutions, theatre companies, and universities.

Lindsay is a teaching artist, workshop facilitator and healing practitioner. She is trained in energy healing, breathwork, Thai bodywork and Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy approaches. She works with individuals and groups in coming home to their body and activating creative capacity through healing.

Gail on Lindsay: "We met when Lindsay came for a solo retreat in August of last year, which began a like-minded connection and friendship. The healing work we did was pivotal to my healing process, life changing even! I love our relationship and what it has provided to others in my practice. I am taking the Art of Facilitation online course. It's the finest explanation and treatment of trauma that I've encountered. So grateful for her presence at Galleywinter, if intermittent. Look forward to our future creations and collaborations.

retreat facilitators

Wanda Waddell

Wanda Waddell lives on a historic property she is renovating in the Ohio River Valley, near Cincinnati. She found herself, after 16 years of marriage, navigating a new life as a single mom. For seven years she has focused on personal growth and fulfillment, rediscovering herself by studying and learning the way of the Crone. She has made it her life’s mission to share her journey and to thereby empower other women.

Experiencing Wanda: "Wanda is a tremendously inspired and capable person who shares her stores of creative loving energy with those around her. She writes and sings beautifully, loves to photograph women in nature, has vast knowledge of plants and animals, designs and builds healing  gardens, and has a huge appetite for beauty and rightness.  Her essence is contagious. Being with her is profoundly enlivening. She articulates her visions with great clarity. What she brings to Galleywinter is pure gold - wrought from within of her own deep awareness and healing work." - Gail

Tina Walker

Tina WalkerTina shares Gail’s passion for holistic approaches to healing with horses, mindfulness and healthy nutrition/lifestyle. Together she and Gail facilitate Horses for Recovery for Georgia's House in Charlottesville. Tina loves to assist in women's retreats at Galleywinter Farm, joining women as they take the time to nourish, explore, expand their souls.. She and Gail partner to create novel and healthy menu.

Ever since Tina discovered the sentient nature of the horse, and that horses have the ability to help people with emotional issues, she has been passionate about partnering with them to help humans.  Tina has been working with horses since 2011, and has cared for her own two horses for the past 6 years. She is passionate about the well-being of horses and humans alike, and is really good at providing a safe place for folks to tell their story and address issues or behaviors that no longer serve them. Partnering with a horse, Tina can help you get to the heart of things, create a healing vibration that will enliven your path in life, or simply help you relax into the moments that unfold here at the farm.