Retreats & Restorative Stays

why we write

A Personal Journaling Exploration

October 6 - 8 2023 | Friday - Sunday 

FEE: $475

In June we came together in our first Why We Write retreat to create conditions that give rise to creativity. The whole experience was a profound affirmation of the loving, creative and healing potential within each of us. In the golden light of October, we will gather again to explore our deep well of life experience, write it down, or just be with it. No pressure except from the truth that wants to feed your wellbeing and become your most reliable guidance system.

No poetry required. No editing allowed.

Everything is optional here. No pressure to be a certain way or do anyting you're not drawn to. You're invited to get as comfortable as you can... rest, sleep, read, eat, walk on the land, soak in the outdoor tubs – hot or cold, find stillness and enlivenment in this setting with others, our expert companions. See what arises in such a container – hear invitations, carry a journal as a bucket to catch the noticings and vital questions, “yes," “no," and ah-hahs, your knowingness, your not knowingness. Go into the sweet container of your body, savor awareness and sensation, and allow revelation. Accept the gift of time and space to move freely the way your body suggests.

We may choose to invite old ways and stories to fall to the ground with the apples, pick some up and bless them. Through our breath that reaches deep within and makes safe the sharing of old dreams, misunderstandings, disappointments, and possibly trauma, we release patterns that have held us back - beliefs, thinking states, and well-worn stories of who we are and are not. If coniditions are sufficient,  we may lean into new visions and dreams, feel where we’re presently standing - poised and shape new stories that help deliver us to near and far horizons.

Relax into the structure provided -
Delicious, Safe, Nourishing Meals  *  Quiet hours & Intentional Silence  *  Phone Abstention  *  Reading & Writing Circles *  Gentle Morning Yoga  *  Evening Yoga Nidra * Individual Bodywork Sessions * Somatic Exploration & “Herding”

Somatic Discovery & “Herding” Sessions with Lindsay Hopkins.  Lindsay's work is truly inspired, trauma-informed and springs from her great potential to facilitate healing. Experience the power of gathering in circle to co-regulate with others while discovering greater sensory and somatic awareness, a fuller expression of your embodiment, and unlocking hidden stories that are ready to evolve.

Morning Yoga with Jordan. Warm up the physical and energetic bodies with gentle stretching and guided movement with plenty of pose modifications for everyone. Includes optional Reiki and aromatherapy.

Individual Bodywork & Energy Healing Sessions with Lindsay & Jordan

Lindsay Hopkins - Sessions support healing through the body and energy field. We combine Reiki, light Thai Bodywork, Breathwork, energetic balancing with light touch to support the unique needs of your body, and somatic trauma therapy.  60 min. Sliding scale from $80-100. 

Jordan Winn Massage  - Swedish Massage: intuitively customized to your needs. 60 min. light to firm pressure. $80

Massage/Reiki Synergy: Swedish Massage with the application of Reiki throughout session, one enhancing the benefits of the other. 60 min. light to firm pressure. $100  Learn more about Jordan at: or @jyogi_

Supervised cold water immersions. Scheduled in A.M.

The Schedule - Arrive 2 pm – 6 pm Friday October 6 |  Finish & Depart:  2 pm Sunday October 8|  Detailed Schedule will be provided on arrival.
Accommodations: Private room/ Shared room / Camping. Contact Gail by email or phone 434-244-2663 to discuss the best accommodation for you. 

Retreat Fee: $475 | To Register:  Go to Accommodations page where you can pay online with PayPal or credit card.


embracing the Crone

A Shared Exploration of
Forgiveness, Acceptance & Empowerment

October 27 - 29, 2023 | Friday - Sunday  Fee: $525

Retreat Vision:

The path of the Crone is one of self-acceptance. Our three-day journey of healing, growing, and empowerment will help you reconnect with who you are and reclaim your power through self-love, growth and support. The retreat includes meditation, yoga, massage, cold immersion therapy, workshops and loads of sister support. Accommodation and food are included.

Our Guides/Facilitators:

Gail Todter is a health educator and a student of the horse with a great love for the land. For the last 33 years her passion has been to create an educative, healing and aesthetic environment for to restore soundness of bodymind and spirit. Most of the individuals who have been blessed to work with Gail, drawing from her process, perspectives and wisdom, seem to find their way back to Galleywinter.

“When I discovered the ways physical activity in the out of doors influenced perception and mental health I had found my life’s work! It continues to unfold and become ever more meaningful. I love what I do!" Gail

Wanda Waddell is currently living in the Ohio River Valley in the Cincinnati area where she lives on a historic property she is rennovating.  She found herself, after sixteen years of marriage, navigating a new life as a single mom. In the seven years since, she has focused on her personal growth and fulfillment and has been rediscovering herself studying and learning the way of the Crone. She has made it her life’s mission to share her journey with and empower other women.

“I love this retreat and Galleywinter and believe that the fruits of Embracing the Crone will not only change the lives of women joining us but the lives of all beings they come in contact with.” Wanda


"It’s my good fortune to have met Wanda and be providing this special retreat with her.  Wanda is a tremendously inspired and capable person who shares her stores of creative loving energy with those around her. She writes and sings beautifully, loves to photograph women in nature, has vast knowledge of plants and animals, designs and builds healing gardens, and has a huge appetite for beauty and rightness.   Wanda's essence is contagious. Being with her is profoundly enlivening. She articulates her visions with great clarity. What she is offering in this retreat is pure gold - wrought from within of her own deep awareness and healing work."

Flourish in the healing spaces of Galleywinter Farm. Invite your healing and self blessing to unfold. 

To Register:  Pay online - Accommodations page. PayPal or credit card accepted.  |  Retreat Fee: $525 for private room / $475  for shared space and camping. Nourishing and delicious meals included.   |  Accommodations:  Contact Gail by email or call 434-244-2663 to discuss the best accommodation for you. 

Personal & Group Retreats

Personal stays at Galleywinter

Customized health retreats: Counseling is available to ground or enhance your visit. Ask about nutrition, fitness, stress management, communication and relationship-building, body-wise approaches to alignment, sovereignty and empowerment; horse-wise sessions to become more aware of your personal space, your influence within and around you, emotional states and co-regulating.

Yoga, Meditation, Sit spots, Walking, Gym - All of these offerings are available to while here on retreat:  practice yoga or meditate in the yoga studio, barn loft, forest deck, on the lawn, in your room, or out on the farm.  There are sit spots all over the property, as well as walking paths. Two Hammocks, one in sun, one in shade. The Poplar Grove – seven sister trees east of the house. The creek adjacent to the nut field – sitting there, when the water is high, you can submerge yourself!

Experience with Horses There are several ways to experience the horses of Galleywinter Farm.  You can simply observe and admire our horses from across the fence.  Or Sit with a Horse!  You can request our new meditation deck nearby the barn and safely share space with a particular horse or horses.  Situated in a stand of old poplar trees near the barn, this lovely wood deck allows you to relax, observe and commune. You can also schedule sessions to interact directly with the horses through horsemanship instruction, musing, mentoring, self-discovery, and other therapeutic purposes. Contact Gail to discuss.

Other Services Include:

  • Yoga Classes & Private Instruction
  • Massage
  • Fitness Training
  • Mindfulness Path & Forest Bathing
  • GYM and outdoor walking trails
  • Horsemanship Instruction
  • Nutrition Counseling

Host your Group Retreat or Workshop

To design and schedule a group retreat/workshop, please contact

Book Your Stay

Contact Gail by email or phone: 434-244-2663 to discuss the best accommodation for you.  Choose private, semi private, under roof or outdoors.  Visit our Accommodations Page for descriptions and booking details – very simple! Pay by PayPal or credit card.