Health & Fitness

Gail's Approach.  I started working as an Adult Fitness trainer in my doctoral program in Health Promotion & Exercise Physiology at UVA.   I have always enjoyed working with a more mature population of men and women.  Our bodies get wiser as we mature but compensatory patterns, aches and pains, slower recovery, loss of muscle mass and inflexibility can also show up.  Maintaining strength and balance, as well as improving alignment and body use are particularly important as we age. Staying active, fit and flexible are key to longevity and quality of life. 

      Being stronger and having better balance reduces chances of a fall, as well as speeding recovery in case you have an accident or injury.  Maintaining or regaining physical fitness is also one of the best ways to safeguard your mental health, cognitive function, and intelligence!  Come work out at the new Galleywinter Farm Fitness Studio or Atlantic Sports and Rehab in Charlottesville. We'll develop a plan of physical activity that best addresses your concerns and meets your needs.

rider Fitness

The demands of horsemanship motivate many riders to improve their physical fitness and mental skills.  Imbalances in your body interfere with relaxation and communication with your horse.  Personal fitness training sessions as well as Strong Women class are a great way to prepare and protect your body for the demands of working with horses and riding. 

Strong Women group fitness

      This group fitness class is perfect for you if you are a mature woman who realizes how essential physical well-being is to the quality of life on a daily basis - and when accidents happen.  Learn to strength train safely, mindfully, and effectively in the supportive setting of a small group of women.  Establish a lasting habit of listening to your body and taking care of it.  Experience improvements in posture and balance, body awareness, muscle tone, bone density, strength and endurance, mood, energy and an enhanced ability to cope with life’s stressors.  In your workouts and activities of daily living, you will get better at feeling how much is enough - for YOU, for that day. 

"I always feel better after class. This is my stress reduction for the day." 

Strength & Endurance | Awareness, Posture & Alignment | Flexibility | Bone Density | Mood & Energy | Self Confidence |  Stress Coping 

      Strong Women meets Tuesday and Thursday from 10-11:30 a.m. at Atlantic Sports and Rehab. in Charlottesville, Virginia. Classes run in seasonal sessions throughout the year: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer - but you are welcome to join at any time.  Gym membership is not required.  Our new fitness location at Galleywinter in Afton, Virginia provides opportunities to lift weights, work on a saddle horse, and step outside for various agility and farm fitness exercises.

      Atlantic Sports and Rehab is a wonderful environment in which to work out. There are lots of windows and light, and easy access to really good equipment.  Because they provide physical therapy we have use of lots of training aids and tables for stretching. We just love how comfortable it is here.