Equine Centered Therapy

Working with horses in the safe and inspiring container of Galleywinter farm, clients come into the still presence horses provide - and find calm,  healing, and fresh perspectives on life. When a human is seeking new and healthier ways of being and doing, horses provide an amazing mirror for the discovery process.

Equine Centered Therapy (or Equine Assisted Therapy) has become a well recognized intervention to address stress and addictions, ADD, PTSD, anxiety and depression, as well as a wonderful way to step back into nature's rhythms.  At Galleywinter, you can interact in a therapeutic way with horses in individual sessions or in workshops and retreats.

The essence of being with horses and Equine Therapy was captured by Larry Mahan, Cowboy Exemplar

"The remarkable interaction between a horse and human provides the opportunity for solace, understanding and healing."

   "One round pen session, just me and a horse in a 60-foot circular enclosure, taught me more about myself and life in general than any books or people could have taught me in a lifetime. Validation….of myself, my beliefs and my life as I wished to live it evolved from that 20 minutes or so, facing a 1,000 pound animal head-on. All I had to do was listen; listen to the horse, to myself, to my spirit, which would lead me to listen to others in a way I never have.” Jody