Health and Nutrition Counseling

Changing diet and other habits of daily living is not easy!!!  Many people don't make it when they try to do it without support and expert guidance.

Individual Counseling Sessions are often the starting point for clients seeking to improve health and wellness. This individual work is ideal for determining the factors impacting a person's health and well-being - such as stress, daily diet and physical activity, sleep, work/life satisfaction, self-care strategies, and medical support. I don’t adhere to a particular dietary approach, such as raw foods, vegan, or low-fat, rather work with each client to determine their unique needs and find an approach that is doable, satisfying and effective.  We put mindfulness to work in self-monitoring mood & energy and other feedback from the body, build on small changes, and continue to adjust the wellness plan as health improves or conditions vary. Find the ease and energy available when you make conscious, compassionate and skillful choices with food, body, and self!

I am available by appointment at my office or by phone to address some of these issues:

Body Weight and Composition |  Sugar, Carbohydrate Addiction & Gluten Intolerance | Overeating | Stress Reduction | Sleep |  Physical Fitness | Blood Sugar & Type II Diabetes |  Gut Health | Inflammation |  Attention Deficit Disorder | Depression and Anxiety | Lifestyle & Environmental Stress

       Working with Gail: "The first amazing thing was that she didn't put me on a "diet" at all. Instead, she asked me to simply notice and write down what I ate each day, and then we made a few small adjustments - such as eating a bit more or less of certain foods.  She also asked me to pause for a moment before I ate - to bring a bit of "mindfulness" to what I was doing.  All this was so important to my long term success." R. A., Nutrition Client

"I recommend Gail highly as a guide to anyone who is pursuing deep and lasting change.”  - Sharon Beckman-Brindley, Ph.D.

Gail offers mindful, caring advice that comes from her heart.”  Cindy Janechild


The Food, Mood and Energy Class is a mindfulness-based program that effectively fosters recovery from food addictions and the stressful living that goes with it.  It is ideal for ex-dieters. Following a step-wise, awareness and skill-building approach participants learn how to interrupt the disempowering cycle of food addiction, stress, depression and weight gain. 

Horsemanship & Health. Working with horses so beautifully illustrates the principles of behavior change that it's become a valuable adjunct to my health and nutrition counseling.  Whether it’s embodying with the horse the qualities we want to cultivate in the rest of our lives, having “ah-hah” moments of seeing cause and effect, or making the connection between what works for the horse and what works for us  – horse work helps us embody the concepts and practices we discuss in the office, taking them from discussion into action.  It also gets folks out in nature where learning can flourish.

Consider the possibility that you could find role models for health, well-being and presence, that you could help a horse be healthier and more at ease. Move off from self-negating habits and addictions, come back to yourself, and embrace your power, love and kindness by working with horses in a mindful way. Others have done so - through the ages and here with the horses at Galleywinter.


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