An Integral Approach

Integration means to make whole or complete, to weave together different methods and create a new whole. Combining nutrition and fitness of the body, relaxation of the mind, and time in nature fosters balance and good health. 

Horses & Human Health

Our relationship with horses used to be vital to our survival - providing transportation and physical horse-power, escape and pursuit. We wouldn't be where we are today without these amazing, powerful and willing creatures. Though they have been (poorly) replaced in many of these practical ways, their role in human growth and well-being continues to emerge. As a culture, we are moving fast, often distracted and worried, poorly nourished, sedentary and disconnected from each other. The Celts recognized the study of horses and horsemanship as a pursuit for all aspects of human development and betterment.  Today this awareness is often life-changing for those who engage with horses - whether on the ground or riding. 

How Horses Help Humans

Now we know that horses help autistic children in ways nothing else seems to. We know that women who have been abused find deep connection and insight being with horses.  Through guided work with horses a large segment of our population finds peace and clarity  - whether engaging for therapeutic/mental or physical health reasons, for personal growth and learning, or for pure pleasure and recreation.  The work I love involves exploring the way HORSES can enhance HUMAN well-being: personal growth, mental health, physical prowess, contact with nature and even happiness. 

connecting human health and Horsemanship

Working with the horses has become a valuable adjunct to my health and nutrition counseling.  Whether it’s embodying with the horse the qualities we want to cultivate in the rest of our lives, having “ah-ha” moments of seeing cause and effect, or making the connection between what works for the horse and what works for us humans – it creates a ground for the concepts and practices we discuss in the office.  It embody the concepts, take them from feelings and words into action.

"When I think of the ritual of tacking up Dulci or inviting Blaze to be haltered, I can apply that same patience and reverence to the ritual of feeding my body." S.B.