Embracing Wholeness: A Breathwork Weekend Retreat

September 13-15 | Friday 5pm - Sunday 5pm | $450 | Meals Included | Register


with Sandy Morrison & Marti Leesman

Our BREATHWORK has been compared to the effects of plant medicine practiced by shamans and indigenous cultures ~ or the mystic’s trance evoked through prayer, dance, deprivation ~ and powerful edge-state experiences within ancient civilizations throughout the ages. Our whole weekend of inner work, outer depth of sharing and ceremony completes the journey inward with soul-satisfying integration of body and  mind, emotions and spirit. We’ll share the journey with like-minded souls all having their unique journey. Experience soul sharing. Celebrate and dance. Expand breathwork illumination through self-awareness processes and become more of who we are.  

Interview with Sandy to secure place:           210-323-8201


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