Why We Write - A Weekend Retreat at Galleywinter

January 12 - 14, 2024 | $475 | Register

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Long fascinated with the conditions that give rise to our creativity, that feed the sometimes tiny “yes” inside us - and fueled by the yearnings to use journaling for healing and revelation expressed by dear friends and clients,  a Why We Write retreat was conceived in June 2023. The experiment of creating conditions conducive to rest and nourishment of body and soul was a huge success, a profound affirmation of our healing and creative potential.

The Invitation:

Come  … get cozy, rest, sleep, read, eat, wander the land, soak in the outdoor tubs, find stillness and enlivenment in this setting among others, supported, held, heard, and safe - without pressure to do anything in particular except what your body suggests.  Have your personal space and privacy honored, and experience solitude and sovereignty within the herd. Accept the gift of time and space to move freely as your body suggests. Put mindfulness and interoception to work, go into the sweet container of your own body, and savor this delicious embodiment.

Lean into the structure provided & see what arises: Share safe, nourishing, and delicious meals. Forget about when and what you’ll eat because it’s taken care of.  Quiet hours and intentional silence.  Tech-abstention. AM and PM reading and writing circle, a time to share Noticings.

No poetry required. No editing allowed. Everything is optional ~

gentle yoga, massage & energy healing sessions, sharing space, cold water immersions

Friday January 12: Arrive & settle in:  
2 -4 pm  Closing circle:  2 pm Sunday January 14
(Detailed Schedule of all the optional activites will be provided upon arrival.

Accommodations: Private and Shared rooms / Camping  |  Retreat Fee:  $475 Includes meals and accommodations

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