Galleywinter Farm

Galleywinter Farm, a healing, horsemanship, and creative arts sanctuary in Afton, Virginia is located at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This working horse farm offers private and pastoral surroundings so conducive to the health and nutrition counseling, horsemanship lessons, equine therapy, and nature therapy that take place here.  We are so pleased to provide beautiful work spaces, great meals, and sleeping accommodations for your Restorative Stay, Creative or Educational Retreats.


Integrative Health and Horsemanship

For 20 years I've been supporting clients in the office, the gym and at the farm to eat better, get stronger, and realize their dreams.  My new website is a celebration and thank you to wonderful clients, friends, horse teachers and fellow health practitioners in Central Virginia.  Enjoy!  With love and gratitude, Gail Todter

Our Services include: Horsemanship Lessons & Classes | Horsemanship Clinics  |  Equine Centered Therapy | Equine Consulting | Health & Nutrition Counseling |  Yoga Classes & Fitness Training | Restorative Stays | Mindfulness Programs & Nature-Based Healing



Get Away, Find Peace, and Re-balance
Reconnect with Nature
Heal, Grow, and Strengthen
Build Awareness and Relationship Skills
Explore Horses and Horsemanship

Mindful Yoga with Tilak

Mindful Yoga for Spring with Tilak | Mondays at 11 am

We'll be back as soon as possible - stay tuned to the Covid 19 Outbreak.  Enjoy this opportunity to SLOW DOWN and integrate a practice at home. See you soon. Stay well!

Personal Writing & Creative Retreats

When: NOW.  With: YOURSELF | Get out your journal - and a nice pen, or any pen. Start writing about what you're noticing, what you're worrying about, what is making you question things, what is colorful, beautiful, snuggly. Your book is a wonderful place to process, specially while you are rediscovering your own home.