Positive Experiences in our TRE Workshop

We were so pleased to host Maria Alfaro for a Tension & Trauma Release Workshop on Monday June 13.  The Trauma Releasing Exercise technique is a method of somatic release for tension, stress and traumatic memories. 

We had a full house and really enjoyed the new Health and Fitness Studio at Galleywinter.  Thank you to new and returning students. Maria shared a wonderfully inclusive model of trauma and how a human body deals with tension and traumatic occurrences.  We are excited to continue our practice of TRE and explore its fit with Equine Centered therapy and Horsemanship.

         "I just can't thank you enough for providing the TRE workshop! What a unique experience.  I woke up shaking the morning after the TRE a good way, as we had practiced! For 3 days, I lived in a wonderfully euphoric state, which everyone noticed, even when just hearing my voice on the phone. My mind-body-spirit reached a new, natural connection. It was unbelievable to me....a place that I hadn't realized I could take myself.  You, Maria, and all the participants are the mesh that a true mind-body-spirit community of believers is made of. Thank you!"  Participant, June 13 TRE Workshop

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