Women’s Way with Horses

"Why are natural horsemanship methods, deemed more "effective, safer, more humane, more civilized" becoming more accepted in the horse world?

For one thing, "for the first time in human history, women dominate the horse industry and most women have the empathy, the nurturing sense, the sensitivity, the perception to see the vulnerability, the timidity and the dependence of the horse." Robert Miller, D.V.M. Lettors to the Editor,  Eclectic Horseman July/August 2007

I appreciated Dr. Miller's recognition of the role women play in the horse industry.  I have been working entirely with women students of the horse for 20 years now, as natural horsemanship gained attention and validity.  Bridging what seemed like a gap between the working cowboy ways and the way women naturally engage with horses has been quite an experience.  It has stretched me - which I needed!  I have endeavored to mix and blend these approaches, to honor the traditions of horsemanship, to notice what works for horses and humans in given situations, and to honor the perspectives, gifts and talents of my students as they find their way of being with horses. This has helped women become happier, healthier partners and citizens.  Some have healed from trauma, not unlike the horses we work with.

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