Horse As Teacher Workshops

Working with horses provides opportunities for adventure, reflection and personal growth.  Horses provide a connection to nature and reflect our own beauty and power, helping us reconnect to our vital energy. Horse as Teacher lessons and workshops are a powerful complement to more conventional forms of therapy, helping address issues of trust, control and self-worth. In the proper setting, horses can teach us to be present, to listen, focus and take action. Interacting with horses in individual sessions, with family members, coworkers or in empowerment workshops can enhance all your relationships. Join us at Galleywinter Farm for our next Horse as Teacher workshop.


Hundreds of women have benefitted from our Empowered Women and Unbroken Spirit workshops over the years.  The small group setting, mindfulness meditation practices, feedback from the horses, and the overall slowing down that happens at the farm help participants cultivate greater self awareness, confidence, sense of belonging and self-worth.

“One round pen session, just me and a horse in a 60-foot circular enclosure, taught me more about myself and life in general than any books or people could have taught me in a lifetime. Validation….of myself, my beliefs and my life as I wished to live it evolved from that 20 minutes facing a 1,000 pound animal head-on. All I had to do was listen - listen to the horse and to my spirit.  This led me to listen to others in a whole new way.”


In this 8-week course, we employ groundwork with horses, mindfulness meditation practice, and journal-keeping to further self-awareness and facilitate physical and emotional healing.

"This course at Galleywinter was a revelation to me.....",  read more

No experience with horses is required for this work. All work is done on the ground.

"Your gentle teaching ripples through every day of my life. Thanks for teaching me to listen not only to the horses but to myself." - Jody