What to do about Willow?

We have scratched our heads quite a bit over our beautiful buckskin mare Willow. She has so much potential. How can we help her to regain her physical prowess, her trust in her body? When I wonder if I should have ever bought her, I just think how much she has helped my also beautiful talented daughter to regain her sense of self. As she likes to say, they have rehabilitated each other in the past year. She took Caitlin to meet Wendy Murdoch, now her career role model. I will never forget the session in which Caitlin had Feldenkreis body work "on the table" then rode Willow. Wendy prompted her to remember the feeling of her hips in tablework, to subtly shift her weight in the saddle - what happened next put Caitlin on a her life's path! She's a kinesoilogist, bodyworker, and horsewoman in training.  Thank you Willow (& Wendy)!!

Connecting with your horse

How do you say hello when you greet your horse?  Do you stride in with your mind on where you're going, grab the saddle and off you go?  or are you aware that your horse hears you long before you see her?  do you approach quietly, with respect, inviting her to engage with you?  Do you want your horse to listen to you, to respect you?  and do you offer the same in return?

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Custom Restorative Stays

Contact me and let me know your dream week or weekend. Choose from a menu of services to provide just the kind of restful, healing experience you need. I am blessed with a wonderful cadre of practitioners who are on call. We can plan your stay and reserve times for these additional interventions.

Services include: 

Yoga Class
Private Yoga Instruction
Cranial-Sacral Therapy
Zero Balancing
Chi Gong Classes
Watsu: Water Therapy - offsite
Horsemanship Instruction
Equine Facilitated Awareness Training